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A digital music maker that aspires to create unique, thought provoking and entertaining works that transcend genres and styles.

Hello. I am Psysop and Psysop Studio is my open work space for new songs. I am a digital music maker and I make all my songs from scratch... I don't know how to read music and i have no formal music training. I just use my ear. I never target a particular genre or style. Rather, I find a sonic space I like, which sets the mood, and then I iteratively build out the audio (song), visual (images) and textual (lyrics) elements from inside and out. I think the process produces unique works that seem to transcend genres and styles, but I am not sure. I always include a solo with pure improvisation in every song. I think improvisation is a lost art in modern mainstream music and believe it can thrive again. My works seems to fall somewhere between rock pop and electronic pop. I like the idea of opening our minds to different sounds, not unlike enjoying different movie genres. I have come a long way and have a long way to go on a road that never ends. Thus, I am continuously prototyping new music making and production systems, methods and concepts. I think my production quality is starting to improve, but I am not not sure. In the end, the true test is whether the work moves us or not and not everyone will perceive and react the same way. Thus, the wonderful mystery of art. I hope you find my work unique, thought provoking and entertaining. Your feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to contact me anytime. And the prototyping continues.

A Psysop is a system operator who creates audio (music), visual (images) and textual (lyrics) experiences that stimulate psychological responses that are unique, thought provoking and entertaining to consumers.

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